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If you are a student in London looking for accommodation read this!

Usually people who prefer to be a tenant are people who do not gain enough money to buy their own house.

In London exist three kind of tenants: those who are doing room share London, those who are doing house share London and those who rent a whole house. Student Flat share London is preferred by persons who do not have enough money to rent a room only for them. In the same time, they accept to respect more conditions even if they do not agree with them. This is preferred by students most of the time or by young people that want to not live with their parents anymore.

House share London is perfect for students from other cities or countries because they pay a lot less, than if they rent an entire house. A whole house is rented most of the time by families.

To provide student rooms to rent London or when you are looking for student accommodation in London is easy if you use a website for searching different rooms or roommates. Before sign any contract, you should know what rights and liabilities you have. After you know everything about these things our advice is to read the entire tenancy contract to be sure that your landlord is honest with you. Another thing you must do is to get a tenant insurance.

As a landlord, you should provide everything is necessary, otherwise your tenants cat take legal actions. You should not lie when you describe the house, what you offer or about the price. You should have each installation renewed when it’s time because the old ones can always be damaged and make a disaster in the house.

Owners who want to gain more money can redecorate the house and give to his tenants the greatest comfort: luxurious furniture, hot water, air conditioner for summer and radiator for winter, fridge, washing machine, dishwasher machine and so on. These can make the price higher. But, first you should think about it. What if the price will be too big and you will find too hard a tenant?

To be clear for everyone, we want to make a classification: you can be a renter that live in the same house with your landlord-  in this case you are a lodger; you can live just with your family in the house; you can live in the same house with strangers and in this case, you get a room for you- tenant; if you own a room with another person you are also a tenant.

Everything will be easier for you, even if you are a landlord or a tenant if you know how to speak with people. Solve any problem by talking to your housemates or landlord and your problems will be much easier to solve.

To avoid some problems, you can use a website made especially for room hunters or tenant hunters and in this way, you can choose a tenant or a landlord who has the same thinking and behavior as you.

Cleaning Helpers are here to your cleaning chores rescue

Cleaning Helpers London

No doubt, having tenants who are moving out is a dreadful process for all the parts involved. All the flux with people sorting, packing and carrying large boxes, you cannot wait for it to be over so you can rent the place to new customers.

Oh, wait…you also have to clean up the place before putting it on the market.

Fortunately, cleaning companies like Cleaning Helpers are there to step into your shoes, so you can get on the market immediately. The teams thoroughly clean all rooms and the appliances in them, the furniture and the fittings with the help of professional chemicals, tools and equipment so the property cleanliness meets the highest standards. Cleaning Helpers also responds to emergencies and, oftentimes, they can send a team the same day of the enquiry.

Cleaning Helpers services are offered in a pre-arranged package, not by the hour, based on the details of the property such as number of rooms, windows, type of flooring, etc. No deposit is needed up front, the payment is made after the customer inspects the job and is fully satisfied with the result. You can also attend to other business while the teams do their work, and come back at the end to inspect the job and resolve any dissatisfaction you might have.

You might ask yourself: is it really necessary to hire professional cleaners?

Professional cleaning teams are equipped with heavy-duty machines and products that the domestic users do not have access to, guaranteeing a job well (and thoroughly!) done. Why spend hours trying to clean up that stubborn stain when you can leave it in the hands of a professional, who surely can do the job much faster and better than you?

Second, let’s face it: nobody likes to do the cleaning, especially after some strangers with stranger habits – like sticking chewing gum under the workstations. Who would’ve even thought to check under the workstations? Our cleaning specialists at Cleaning Helpers make sure that no stone is left unturned! Ironing the curtains, dusting the top of the door – these are details that make the difference.

Let’s talk disasters. After a memorable party, you are left with a lot of memories, photos and rubbish. Nobody likes to deal with the aftermath of a party, but fortunately you can hire a cleaning company to take care of this problem while you take the day off to banish that hangover.

All in all, hiring a professional to do the post tenancy cleaning is not only the less time-consuming choice, but it also shows that you are an administrator that really cares about his customers you can visit their website at http://www.tenancycleaninghelpers.london/end-of-tenancy-cleaning/

Spring Cleaning or End of Tenancy Cleaning? See the difference


End of Tenancy Cleaning or Spring Cleaning means almost the same thing. The difference is the name and the purpose. If you choose one of these services, you will have the entire property cleaned.


– because washing is not enough, we will polish all the surfaces, meaning: the table and the furniture from the kitchen; both represent your workplace because they need a special cleaning to can remove all the bacteria and potential microorganisms that can affect your health;

– workers will clean every cupboard inside and outside; the same for drawers; it is important to clean them and also it is absolutely necessary to disinfect every cupboard and workplace; if cleaners will find old food in the kitchen, they will throw it (of course only if you agree with that)

– they will clean and sanitize the sink, removing the lime scale if it is needed; also our professionals will polish the sink;

– we give a great attention to the oven than other electronic appliance because most of the people forget to clean it and it requires a lot of time and work to look like new again; cleaning the oven is included in the base price, so do not worry! You will not have to pay more for it; well, cleaners will clean it inside and the exterior too; You will not see any longer grease in the inside of your oven!

– the fridge will be defrost and after that cleaned; all the grime of food deposits will be removed; it will also be disinfected because the fridge is a great source of infections and bacteria;

– cleaning the dishwasher or the washing machine is also included in the cleaning package for end of tenancy cleaning or spring cleaning;

Every room from the house is important, but the kitchen and the bathroom requires a bigger attention, because it is easier to get a disease from here than from another rooms (but it is possible to get some disease from bedroom for example if you have mold)

Never forget to clean properly every dish you use immediately! Why? Because if you do not do it immediately the bacteria will start to grow! Also, you must sanitize the sponge you use for cleaning your dishes! Also sanitize it before going to sleep to not let the bacteria grow over the night!

Always give a great attention to everything you use in the kitchen! If you do not clean and disinfect them properly, they can be a really source for diseases visit http://www.cleanandclean.london

Why engines are the heart of your car

Motors are an essential part of any type of machine and of some important appliances that may be used daily, such as washing machine, dishwasher, blender and even personal computers or laptops. An engine is a machine especially designed for converting one form of energy into mechanical energy.

First machines that used simple motors are prehistoric. Then, in the Antiquity, the more complex engines appeared – they used human, water, wind or animal power. The Industrial Revolution had meant a huge step on the ladder of progress – it was then that the mankind started to create more complex machines and to work for their development. What added most to the interest in powerful and light engines was the first successfully sold automobile. At the beginning, the most successful for light automobiles was the lightweight petrol engine, while the Diesel ones were used for trucks and buses. Along with the development of technology, turbo Diesel engines have become very popular, even for small cars.

In recent years, diesel engines have outworked gasoline ones, due to their benefits – they produce lower hydrocarbon, emit smaller amounts of carbon dioxide and are also more fuel efficient. There has been an increase in the engine capacity, in its size, in its pressure and in the rate at which the engines produce work – everything just for improving the motors’ efficiency.

A great part of the motors nowadays need oil for a better work or for not suffering any damage. The most common example is that of cars – they use different types of engines oil, like conventional, synthetic or high-mileage motor oil. Yet, there are some differences between synthetic and conventional motor oil that should be known. Considering what type of engine, you have and what expectations you have from your car, these differences are essentials for the safety of your car. You can either keep it in a good condition or deteriorate it. It depends entirely on the attention you pay to the car manual when you first buy it, because replacing synthetic oil with conventional one may lead to huge damage brought to your car motor.

The greater difference between them may be notified right from their names – one is made from laboratory obtained ingredients and the other is extracted from natural ingredients. As the users say, the synthetic oil is far better than the conventional one, because it is enhanced with the best additive package in order to make it better for motors. Using synthetic oil may be an excellent treatment for your car’s engine, because it keeps it both clean and in a good condition. If you have a clean motor, your car will not be damaged. A drawback of conventional oil is that it can sometimes form different kinds of impurities, which will drastically reduce the engine’s life. Moreover, between these two types of oil, the synthetic one works better on lower temperatures and on longer periods of time. If your motor reaches a high temperature when it’s working on short periods of time, only imagine how hot it must be when you drive for hours in a rot. Therefore, it is better to use synthetic oil, because it takes greater car of your engine and keeps it in a good condition.

In most petrol engines, the air and fuel are usually pre-mixed in a carburetor before compression, whereas in a Diesel one, only the air is compressed. Because of the differences between the two different fuels in burn rates, petrol motors are designed with different timing than Diesels. It is said that petrol engines run at a higher speed than diesels, due to not only their lighter pistons, but also to a more quickly burning of petrol than of diesel. However, petrol engines have lower efficiency in comparison to diesel ones, because they have a lower compression ratio.

Of course, any type of motors brings serious damage to the environment. Whether it runs with conventional or synthetic oil make no difference to the negative impact it has especially on the air quality. Recently, there has been a growing emphasis on the pollution that is produced by automobile, airplanes or trains. It has been proposed that alternative power sources should be found, because Diesel engines have gained great popularity among the automobile owners. The more cars are used; the poorer life’s quality is. While driving, there’s a huge waste of carbon monoxide, which is highly toxic. Also, there are greenhouse gas emissions from the widespread use of engines in the modern world, which contribute to the global greenhouse effect.

Nowadays, most cars are propelled by an internal combustion engine running on diesel or gasoline. Both of them contribute to climate change and global warming and are blamed for causing air pollution. There have been improvements regarding the replacement of existing fuels with alternative energy sources, such as natural gas vehicles or ethanol flexible-fuel cars.

Apart from car motors, there are also other fuel-burning devices invented, such as heaters or boilers, which are designed to burn multiple types of fuels in its operation and are called multi-fuels. It’s most common application is in military setting, where the normally-used turbine might not resist.

To sum up, motors are one of the most important parts of any kind of machine. Although they have propelled the mankind to a higher level – that of continually improvement – they have a very negative impact on the environment; they affect not only the surroundings, the air, or the animals, but also the people living on this planet.

Why you should hire a cleaning company

end of tenancy cleaning

The first question that a person asks when she heard about a cleaning company is: Why should I hire a cleaning service instead of cleaning the house by myself? You will find the answer here and some examples too beside the cheap offers at: http://cleansimply.co.uk !

For example, if you are a business man or woman and you have your own office or even company, we are sure that you do not want to clean it by yourself. You have many things more important to do! In this situation, you should choose a cleaning company to come at your company and make it shine!

London is a big and populated city, with many people that choose to hire a cleaning service instead of doing it by their selves because they know what is more important for them: walking, relaxing, spending time with their friends or family and so on!

But, how you choose the best cleaning company if you have to choose between so many cleaning companies?

It is simple! You should choose the one with more experience and with a very trained and professional stuff! The most important thing you should know about that is: the number of years they have been on the market doesn’t count! A good business is based on a very experienced stuff and on an advanced technology and equipment!

Here are some advices that will help you to choose the best cleaning company from your service:

  1. You should pay attention to reviews! You can do that easy: you can open their website and look to people’s opinions about them or you can open their company Facebook page and there you will find for sure some reviews! You can also ask your friends about how satisfied they were about a cleaning service from a cleaning company they hired!
  2. On their website or at the company headquarters you will find for sure some degrees, diplomas or certificate that certify their experience! Read carefully all you found about their services! For example, a cleaning company can be on the market just for a year or just some months and having a stuff more trained and experienced than many others! Why? Because it depends on the owner interest and respect for his future customers! The one who wants to have customers will treat them with respect! So, before opening a company he will trained his stuff by taking them to different kind of courses where they learn how to lease cleaning in London, what products they will use and where and all they need. (they do practice too). You will find all this information on their website or at their company headquarters!

Motors and technology working togheter


Motors are essential for every type of machine and not only. For example, important appliances or things that you use daily, need an engine to work; your car, washing machine, dishwasher, hogger, blender, hammer drill or even your PC or laptop use a motor to work.

Most of engines need oil to work better or to not suffer damages. For example, cars use different types of motors oil. Here are some examples:

  • Conventional motor oil.
  • Synthetic motor oil;
  • High-mileage motor oil;
  • Synthetic blend motor oils;

But, you need to know differences between conventional motor oil and synthetic motor oil, because they are essential depending on what engine you have or depending on what you want from your car: to be always in a good condition or to can suffer damages. You need to pay attention to car manual because, if your engine needs synthetic oil and you put inside conventional oil, you can damage your car motor.

Conventional motor oil is the one that is extracted from natural ingredients and enhanced with chemical additives to make it better for motors. This type of motor oil is recommended for: low-mileage or others.

Synthetic motor oil is an oil that is made from ingredients obtained in laboratory my experts (oil engineers, chemists or scientists, or all of them).  It is better than conventional oil because it is enhanced with the best additive package.

The difference between these two is that synthetic oil can be many times better than conventional oil, because it is enhanced conventional oil.

You need an oil motor for (synthetic oil):

  • Keeping your car in a good conditions and especially your engine clean. It is very important to have a clean motor because you do not want to damage your car. When oil circulate in your engines, clean your entire motor to give it a longer life. Conventional oil can sometimes form different kind of impurities that will reduce your engines life.
  • To work better when is cold outside. Having a motor oil, your engine will be kept warm even if outside is a very low temperature.
  • Also, it is good to keep your engine in a good condition when it is working for a long time. High temperature can also affect your engine and your motor is always hot when it is working. It has a high temperature even when you drive for a little time, but imagine how hot is it when you drive for a long time!

The bad things that can happen without a proper cleaning

cleaning the whole house

If you are living in London or not, you always hear about end of lease cleaning service, but what about end of tenancy cleaners?

End of tenancy cleaners are people that do cleaning to help you, not to waste your time with something exhausting for you! Why? Because they do what they love and they want not to let other people that do not like to do cleaning or to waste their time!

Tenancy cleaning London service means a professional cleaning, done by really dedicated end of tenancy cleaners. They are also available for you when you need them. Even if it is holiday or even if you need them at a late hour, they will come when you call (they know that in some situations you can forget to call them earlier or you just can’t do that in another day). End of lease cleaning service needs to be done perfectly because we’re pretty sure you want to maintain a good image to your actual or previous landlord.

Tenancy cleaning London service is very important; you will still stay in the house you want to be cleaned. Why? Because your health also depends on cleaning. The dust is extremely bad and can cause numerous other problems. In an uncleaned house, many times the bugs start their journey through life and begin to install very quickly almost on all corners of your rooms.

As we’ve said above you wouldn’t want to destroy your personal image to your actual or previous landlord by having his house infected and so you can call a cleaning service in London that for a very small fee will clean the house on a regular basis and in this way both (you and your landlord) will be happy.

For the cleaning services the team will only ask for a few hours and as for the chemicals used they will not use anything invasive or that would damage you over the time. Mainly they use water with some simple add-ons that are not affecting anything but will make your floors shine again.

As a landlord if your previous or actual person that rented your room is not usually cleaning it you can ask them for an extra fee and make the arrangements with the cleaning company on your own. This way you won’t have to worry about the cleaning in that house for that person period of staying.

Taking safety measures as a tenant in London guide

tenant or lodger safety measures

Being a tenant or a lodger means a lot of responsibilities because the house they rent isn’t their house and they need to take care of it more. A tenant or lodger needs to pay attention to not damage anything in the house, and if he will do it to replace the object immediately. He must respect the rules and conditions wanted by his landlord. To be sure he can ensure expensive gadgets that are in your rented house.

To rent room in London means to have trust in foreign people and it can be hard. But, when a landlord meets a decent person who take care of things and offer respect a tenant insurance is the best choice!

House share in London and room share in London are better with a tenant insurance! As a tenant or lodger you should pay your rent monthly together with utility bills. It is a stressing thing for you to have such a responsibility, but it is better for you if you will take care about them.

If you have important or expensive gadgets is good for you to ensure them. It isn’t a requirement for you to do that, but in case of damage you will don’t regret if you did it. For example: smart Tv’s, laptops, iMacs, smartphones, PC’s or anything else that is expensive, will be ensured if you have a tenant insurance. If they will be damaged, they will be replaced. Only one of these cost more than a tenant insurance, so why not to have one?

Your important things will be protected in case of damage or loss. The damage can be by flood, fire, theft or smoke. So, almost all the cases are covered! But, you need to pay attention at kind of insurance you will have, because some of them don’t cover these all. You can have problems with an insurance if you aren’t a tenant and you are a lodger, because being a lodger include shared accommodation, so your insurance may cover things damaged by others and it isn’t right.

If you have more expensive objects than the insurance maximum limit per item, you will have to mentionate them separately because they are more important.

You need to search through many offers to find the best deal! Some people will offer you less than it is right for the price they want. The cheapest insurance doesn’t mean that it is the best! Pay attention because you can be scammed.

You can always find safe ways to rent a room in london only at: https://www.roomhunters.co.uk

Different type of engines and their parts explained

Motor is synonym with motor and it is used for commissioning of various machines. You can say that a motor gives life to a machine. But how does it? Well, an engine is also a machine, but the essence of it is that it converts different form of energies into mechanical energy that gives power to cars for examples, or to another types of equipment as vacuum, hammers drill, PCs and so on. Almost all the things that are connected to electricity.

How many types of engines exist?

Well, during the time scientists develop more types of motors, each one of them with its advantages and disadvantages. For example:

  • heat engines that creates heat which in turn creates power; they need fuel to function and you will find on the market place two types of heat motors with internal or external combustion.
  • Electric motors are the most used in the entire world because they are very easy to be connected to electricity; this kind of motors convert electricity into mechanical motion;
  • Clockwork motors that are for kids toys use elastic energy;
  • Pneumatic motors are another type of engine that is easy to use because they need compressed air to create energy/power;
  • It also exists an engine inside our body. It is awesome, isn’t it? For example, your muscles use chemical energy to create power and motion helped my myosin. That kind of motor are called molecular motor and this isn’t the only one.

One of the most used motors in the entire world are cars engines. Daily cars are bought and nowadays exists people with two or three cars. Many of them doesn’t even know how it works and how can you have a car and doesn’t know how it works? When your motor is damaged you go to the service and that is, but it isn’t the best thing for you. So, what is the purpose of that car engine? If your car uses gasoline, the engine will convert gasoline into power that make your care move. But, what kind of motor is it? It is an internal combustion engine that burn the gasoline inside the engine. Your car can also use diesel despite gasoline or you can have at your car a gas turbine engine. External combustion engine was used at the beginning of motors and now it is rarely used.

How many parts does a car engine have?

Well, a car engine is composed of cylinders, pistons, inlet valve, sparking plug.

What are the steps to follow for an engine in order to produce the spark?

Intake, compression, power and exhaust.